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With schools closed for the next while, we want to support your family and make sure kids don’t lose out. 

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Our top tutors will be teaching some GCSE Maths and Science group lessons for your child to tune into. They’re absolutely free of charge, and they’ll be happening daily.

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We got our tutors to record their explanations of tricky concepts, just as they would in a lesson. We’ve started with Biology GCSE and Chemistry GCSE, and there’s more on the way!

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Free resources supporting your child’s education from home

GCSE Chemistry: Purity of substances

Thursday 28th May @ 9.45am

Next live group tutorials:

GCSE English Language: Paper 2, question 3 (part 2)  

Thursday 28th May @ 11.00am

GCSE Maths: Iteration and Theoretical Probability  

Thursday 28th May @ 2.00pm